​​​​​Health/Fitness Educator - Virtual Workshop

8.0 AFAA CEUs and 0.8 NASM CECs

Speaker: Michele C. Blake, BS, CPFT, CGFI


Job Titles and Descriptions * Job Recommendations and Qualifications 

Choosing and Preparing for Certifications

 Career Options (In-Person and Virtual) * Components of Wellness 

Components of Physical Fitness * Components of an Exercise Program

Exercise Science * Movement Terminology

***Workshop includes handout

*  Pre-Registration is required

Consulting for Dance and Fitness Programs

Option 1: Course only - $200.00 per course

Optional 2: Course and Manual - $600.00 per course

Certification Preparation and Career Mentoring

Choosing and Studying for Fitness Certifications

Choosing and Preparing for Fitness Careers

*All sessions are hour.


Fundamentals of Fitness - Teacher Training Series:

*AFAA CEUs and NASM CECs are available

*Fundamentals of Fitness (4 hours)

*Learn to be a Group Fitness Professional​  (8 hours)

Learn to be a Health/Fitness Educator (8 hours)

 Mind/Body WELLNESS (2.5  hours)

KOOL KIDS: Common Core and Movement Lesson Planning

for Health, Physical Education and Dance (4 hours)

Focus is on California's Standards and Framewook for those who teach TK - 12 grade students in traditional schools and non-school settings.


Functional and Fitness Programming (4 hours)

Focus is on clients with physical limitations and/or medical conditions.

$180.00​ ($30.00 per session) for six sessions

$50.00 (​one session)


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$120.00​ ($40.00 per session) for three sessions

 ​Mind/Body Wellness - Virtual Workshop

2.0 AFAA CEUs and 0.2 NASM CECs

Spreakers: Michele C. Blake, BS, CPFT, CGFI

Cindy Ortiz and Erika Tucker

TBA 2021

Learn the components of health and physical fitness to help improve the quality of daily activities. Understand clinical applications of how stress impacts the mind and body.

Learn some tools to overcome stressors.

***Workshop includes pre-workshop assignments and handout​​​